Computational linguistics

If you manage computational linguistics, NLU or NLP projects, you can contact me. I have over 4 years of experience as an NLU consultant and worker in first class projects for international clients.

Among other activities this has included corpora management and mass annotation and filtering activities (with attention to detail, which is ever so important in these matters). I can offer a honest and informed vision of the state of your data.

I can also generate data and write grammars with the most flexible permutations your tools allow, in order to enrich your system. I am not afraid to go the extra mile to guarantee agreement and grammatical quality.

I also have a very good eye to analyse, study and solve issues in NLU models. Was there an issue, and sections of your corpus are badly annotated? Not anymore. Is there a severe contradiction in how your model is managing certain terms? I will document it, report and suggest avenues for improvement.

I am also in a position to advise at a model design level. Will handling certain terms in the data be easy for the people doing the annotation? What is the reasoning between selecting a mode of annotation over another? Is the same structure valid for all the languages you work with?

Are your communications clear and efficient? What about your tools? Do you need help to lead multilingual teams?

Get in touch with me and let’s discuss how I can help you.


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