You may be looking for an efficient sworn translation you can trust or a commercial translation to facilitate your communication with foreign clients. Perhaps you need to translate technical manuals or academic papers, which communicate much information but require an extra effort in clarity and readability. Maybe you’re looking to translate literature, with the strength and subtlety art requires; or you may be looking to take your institutional communication to people of other cultures.

I can not only help you, but offer you the best translation style to meet your needs, based on my know-how, decade of experience and training.

Legal and sworn/certified translation

I am a certified English-Spanish sworn translator appointed by the Spanish Foreign Office. Knowledge of both common and roman legal systems as well as extensive working experience in the UK and Spain allow me to offer you an on-point, efficient and high quality sworn/certified translation service. My familiarity with the Plain English initiative ensures the final product will be readable, too. Ask for a quote today!

Commercial and business translation

In the world of commerce and business, not only do you need an edge, but your words need an edge, too. Business conversation has its own diplomacy and subtlety, and what is said is often as important as what is not said. How things are said are, in this duality, of the utmost importance. You will need someone who can translate the edge of your texts, someone who will help you communicate with clients, investors and other businesses, and someone who can do so in a professional, elegant way. With my years of experience living in English-speaking countries and working with multilingual communication, I can be that someone. I can review and translate your texts and catalogues, be they client or business oriented. I will have their language feature your products’ strengths in the best way possible. I also offer simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, remote and in-person.

Literary translation

Translation is always, in some form, a sort of alchemy; but literary translation is so in all its forms. Some of the spirit of the translator always remains in the work. William Blake wrote with corrosives. I can write with what you need me to.

I can’t think of a better way of describing my way of doing literary translation than showing you. In this link you can see my translation into Galician of William Blake’s Marriage of Heaven and Hell (1790-1793), of which I’m particularly proud. I hope you like it and that we can work together in the future.

Scientific, technical and academic translation. Accuracy and attention to detail.

I don’t hold university degrees in Biology, but I did study the bio-chemical baccalaureate (A-level equivalent). I chose this, instead of an arts-based baccalaureate, because I wanted to have a solid understanding of these sciences before University. I believe this can be a metaphor for my attitude towards human knowledge. All knowledge is interesting, and a translator’s job, aside from having an excellent command of his working languages, is to know about, and understand, what he’s translating. And so, I know what the cytoplasm is, and what a cation is, from years ago. I probably won’t know firsthand all the details about the topic of the article you need translated. But the important thing is I do have the tools and expertise and the general knowledge to successfully learn about them and produce a high quality translation.

I have not only translated, but also written (and read) many academic texts, so I can assure you that your translation is going to fit the style it needs, be it for a book, a journal, or any other type of publication.

Ask me for a quote and I commit to get back to you ASAP.

Translation for institutional communication

If you need to translate your institutional communication, you need propriety, elegance and remarkable style. You also need to not fail in what you actually communicate. My strong sense of professional ethics makes me go the extra mile to ensure everything is perfectly aligned. You won’t regret hiring me. You can ask for a free quote in the form.

Translation for the video game industry

I live and breathe video games since I was 8, and I also know how to translate them. There are many types of texts in video game translation, which in turn demands a wide array of techniques, resources and creativity. I have the qualifications and commitment you need, plus the network of contacts necessary to form your dream team for localization.

Other texts

Research and adaptation to new working contexts are among a translator’s core skills. If what you need is outside what I just discussed, don’t let that stop you. I am always open to new challenges and exploring new areas, so please get in touch and let’s discuss how I can help.

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