About me

I am Miguel González, qualified and multidisciplinary translator and interpreter. I trained in Vigo and London, and I work with Galician and international clients.

I have always sought, from a young age, total inmersion in the cultural system of my working languages, both in a professional capacity and in my personal life.

I am not only referring to the — more or less constant — consumption of cultural media (literature, cinema, video games) but also and more importantly to the fact that I have lived for several years in different cities and nations of the United Kingdom. This has allowed me to establish a wide variety of personal and institutional relations, in a multitude of contexts. I am not a stranger to either poetry readings or tax returns, and I have translated and interpreted in hospitals, courts and immigration, as well as worked with corporations and universities.

As a result, I have an excellent level of competence in a variety of registers of English (legal, commercial, diplomatic, academic, scientific). And also as a result you can be certain that my translation decisions are going to be solid, informed, professional and relevant to the context, as well as avoiding mistakes.

I currently live in Noia, in the Galician coast. And, aside of my translation and interpreting experience, I have years of experience in computational linguistics. I can help you with your translation projects of any kind.

My qualifications and professional certifications

Sworn Translator and Interpreter English-Spanish

I am a Sworn Translator and Interpreter appointed by the Spanish Foreign Office to perform sworn translation and interpreting between English and Spanish, in any direction.

Licentiate in Translation and Interpreting ES(A), EN(B), DE(C)

I am proud of having studied in the College of Philology and Translation of the University of Vigo. In this Licentiate Degree (a pre-Bologna, 5 year university degree) I acquired my core translation and interpreting concepts and studied under a wonderful faculty of experienced professionals. My time at the FFT forever changed my understanding of the world and human communication.

Erasmus scholarship in the University of Bangor, Wales

The green hills of Gwynedd are similar to their Galician counterparts, albeit in a slightly softer shade of green. The spirit of the people is also similar. My Erasmus served me foremost to consolidate my linguistic and cultural competence in English, and I also seized the opportunity to study a year one course of Welsh, the most spoken Celtic language in the world. After all, the more a person knows of the world’s languages, the more they know of their own.

MA Research in Translation and Paratranslation, University of Vigo

This research MA allowed me to study our discipline from a wide variety of academic standpoints. The insight I gained over our working processes is of immense value to me to this day, and I routinely apply it to study and solve complex translation decisions.

MA Interpreting, London Metropolitan University

Professional Master’s Degree taught in Moorgate, in the City of London. Aside from the technical improvement I achieved in interpreting, the cultural and environmental knowledge I got to acquire is, to me, equally valuable. London is one of the great centres of the Western world, and I got to learn its language. During this degree I also carried out an important investigation in the field of community interpreting. After completing the degree, I stayed in England to work and live for a number of years.

Specialist Degree in Translation for the Video Game Industry

University of Vigo degree taught exclusively by expert Spanish localization professionals. It covers all the stages of the video game localization process, is extensively hands-on and practice based, with an emphasis on solving translation problems and technical proficiency.

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